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Intimate beach wedding Mexico – Vicky & Chris

Intimate beach wedding Mexico

In August I was lucky enough to travel to Cancun in Mexico for a wedding. Yes, someone actually paid ME to go to MEXICO to photograph their big day! Not only that, but I was one of only 8 guests who were there to celebrate with the happy couple!

I met Vicky, Chris and their boys Blake and Kaiden last year when I did a family shoot for them. During the shoot we were chatting away, as you do, and Vicky mentioned they were getting married in Mexico but she wasn’t keen on the hotel photographer. I cheekily said that I travel for weddings and within a couple of weeks the hotel and flights had been booked for me and my best friend, also called Vicky!

When we arrived in Mexico we had a couple of days before the wedding just to relax, drink margaritas and get sunburned before the wedding. Now I’ve done a fair bit of travelling and been on A LOT of beaches but I have never seen sand so white and water so blue! It was mesmerizing and I often found myself sitting in the sand with the waves lapping around my feet, just staring out to sea!

Anyway, back to the wedding! All the action happened at the Hard Rock Hotel, starting with the ladies (Vic and the mums) getting pampered at the hotel salon before heading up to the rooms to get dressed. Vicky was helped into her dress by my friend Vicky, mild panic stations ensued as we struggled to get the dress fastened, but all was good in the end!

The ceremony was held on the beach and it was boiling! Poor Chris was sweating his bits off in his suit, the sand was so bright it was blinding Vicky and I had to wear a hat so I could see through the viewfinder without sweat dripping down my face! It was a lovely little ceremony though and actually timed perfectly as thunder clouds started rolling off from the sea. We just had time to do a couple of portraits before the heavens opened and we were forced inside for an hour!

Once the storm had passed we ventured outside for some family and couple portraits, finding palm trees and nice little splashes of colour outside the hotel before heading back to the beach. Vicky swapped her veil for a flower crown and the beautifully diffused post-storm light made for some of my favourite couple portraits of the year!

The wedding breakfast was an amazing Japanese meal, cooked in front of us by the hugely entertaining chef who had Chris and the boys up cooking and trying to catch eggs in their chefs’ hats! Chris and Vic’s dad Kenny gave hilarious speeches and even tried to rope me into looking after the boys while everyone else got drunk! Erm….no!! After the meal we all rushed back outside for a few more shots on the beach before the sun set, the fireworks started and we all got drunk! 😉

Mr & Mrs Reed, I don’t know where to begin! Thank you so much for asking me (and Vicky) to be part of your special day! We had an absolute ball both on the wedding day and at the hen party (worst hangover ever but I forgive you!) You are a very special, kind and loving couple and your boys and parents are amazing too, you all made us feel like part of the family! Big hugs and kisses, see you soon xxxxx
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